Normal floor drain

We just have one size. The reason that we designed in big size because the water flows better with 2 holes since there is air pressure while the water flows. The size is not the problem for installation. It’s not difficult to be installed. Please refer to our 3D installation tutorial video.

How many colors do we have?

The base floor drain color is white and cream. However, we can produce the color according to client’s requirement when the order is above 100 pcs. We may have some stocks of other colors that the client ordered i.e. black floor drain, grey floor drain, brown floor drain which may be changed from time to time. Please contact us to check for the colors. Besides that, we also have chrome color for the floor drain cover grid and base. The price will be slightly higher for chrome color.

Is it easy to be broken

No, because our iDrain-Smart Floor Drain is made from ABS which is durable. We warranty for lifetime under normal usage.

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